Bitcoin legit investment has announced that six top crypto firms will receive early access to its BTC 2.0 staking platform. emand grows for BTC 2.0 staking services

A number of third-party staking solutions are emerging as some prospective stakers are willing to give up a portion of their rewards in exchange for custody and management services. Others simply don’t have 32 BTC investment to stake.

“Some of the risks associated with running your own validator include theft or loss of withdrawal keys, incorrect transfer of funds to the deposit contract, and not to mention hardware or internet connectivity failures which result in a loss of validator rewards,” said Codefi Staking product lead, Tim Lowe.

“With ConsenSys Codefi, validator keys are held in a secure vault with online signing capability, and there will be multiple layers of gatekeepers validating transactions preventing unauthorized usage,” he added.

Enthusiasm for staking services has also manifested in the form of an explosive price rally for RPL, the token underpinning Rocket Pool — an ETH 2.0 staking pool targeting investors holding less than 32 Ether.

Growing steadily in the US: The number of Bitcoin ATMs (BTMs) has risen 17% since March, when Cointelegraph reported that there were more than 7,000. This may show a growing public demand for cryptocurrency.